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Anti-Oxidants, anti-aging, DNA, and you
Posted by Tori G. on 2/25/2011 to Hampshire Products Blog
For years, biogerontology (the science of anti-aging) was the embarrassing relative no one wanted to talk about (Hey - we all have them!). In official circles it was considered on par with the quackery of alchemy and the charlatanry of the snake oil salesmen of days gone by. Serious scientists were wary of pursuing something that subjected them to the ridicule of their peers if they even attempted to explore the subject. Governments refused to fund it dismissing it as an unachievable pipe dream.
Very few people are actually working on it. Scientists aren’t exactly motivated to go into a field where they’ll be lumped in with the army of charlatans selling youth in a bottle and getting nominated for a Golden Fleece Award. And since we live in the same “I want it now” culture that stands in front of the microwave wanting it to hurry up, they’re worried about working on something that, if you’re going to prove it works takes decades to show results.
And yet, scientists have been spectacularly successful in prolonging human life. For most of human history the average life expectancy hovered between 20 and 30 years. This average was skewed downward due to one main cause; infant mortality. Three or four infants died for every person who managed to live to 80. In the last hundred years, in what is referred to as the first longevity revolution, medical and hygienic advances - clean water, antibiotics and vaccines allowed babies to survive to adulthood. Whereas early man had a 1 in a million chance of living to 100, those odds are now one in 50.
But the crucial point is that the vaccines and antibiotics weren’t developed with the goal of prolonging life but to combat illness. And this nuance is critical. It’s only recently that the medical research community’s attitude towards aging has undergone a paradigm shift from perceiving it as something predestined to considering it something far less inevitable: A disease.
Take Alzheimer’s disease for example. Just a few decades ago the only people who had this form of dementia were those under age 65. Any older than that and you were just senile and there was no point in trying to do anything about it. It was just part of growing old. That all changed in the 1970s when a demented 90 year old was considered to be suffering from the same disease as a 40 year old and was treated no differently.
In much the same way, old age is more and more being viewed as an highly complex, multifaceted and perplexing illness. But an illness never the less and one that can be cured.
The key change in perception was a deceptively simple answer to the fundamental question “Why do we age?” And the very simple answer is that we age because in nature almost nothing ever did. For millions of years, away from the care and advances of the civilized world, animals and humans hardly ever reached old age. They were ravaged by predators, disease, starvation and weather. Old age hadn’t occurred often enough on a wide enough scale for nature (natural selection and evolution) to work on. In other words, until recently the problem just hadn’t come up.
If you're like most people, living a long healthy life is a top priority. Also like most people you probably think that even though you eat a sensible diet and get regular exercise there's nothing you can do about the aging process. The good news is that you're wrong.
What if I told you that the day would come when a secret would be revealed that could have you living longer and healthier than you ever imagined? A secret that could have your skin and complexion looking ageless? A secret that could even improve your sex life? Imagine a day when your biggest health fears are banished forever by taking simple naturally occurring compounds? That day is now! There's a recent discovery that has been shown to have the potential to extend your life well beyond the century mark and is changing the way the established medical community approaches anti-aging methods.
Programmed for Life
One of the prime focuses of mapping the human genome (DNA) was the search for the sequence that causes aging. Hoping to find a way to reprogram our DNA researchers spent years and millions of dollars looking for the DNA sequence that causes us to age and die. They looked and they looked and then they looked some more and finally they made a startling discovery. There is no part or portion of our make up that says we're supposed to live a set number of years and then get sick and die.
We're not programmed to age and we're certainly not programmed to die. When you think about it, given how much energy our bodies spend on repair and maintenance being programmed to die doesn't even begin to make sense. I know that sounds like a nice theory but it's more than that. It's hard, factual, indisputable science. Every single cell in your body is programmed to live and repair itself so it can go on living indefinitely.

What Goes Wrong?
If you've ever photocopied anything you know that the copy comes out looking pretty much like the original. It's not exact but it's pretty darn close. But if you were to take that copy and use it to make another copy and then repeat the process over and over again about 20 times you'll probably find that the 20th copy looks very little like the original. It may not even be recognizable. And that's similar to what happens when our bodies try to make copies of the cells they're replacing.
The difference is that our bodies do a much better job of making an exact copy than any photocopier could hope for. And that's where the problem lies. Most of us are familiar enough with DNA to know that it kind of resembles a spiraling ladder. Now imagine something coming along and knocking a piece of one of the rungs off that ladder. For the most part, the ladder is still usable; you just need to replace that missing section of rung. Unfortunately, you don't know exactly what piece is missing so you make an educated guess and patch it up with something that looks pretty good.
And that's what happens with our bodies. You see the DNA in our cells gets damaged by something called free radicals. These free radicals are chemicals that go floating through our systems and knock part of the chemical code off of our DNA. Our bodies then go about replacing the damaged cell by making a copy but when they come to that missing sequence they can only make an educated guess as to how to fill in the blank.
Do that a few million times over and it's no wonder few of us resemble our high school pictures. It's also no wonder that our bodies don't function with the same efficiency as they did when we were younger.

Never Grow Old and Never Die
Since they've determined that we're not like a carton of milk with an expiration date, scientists have set about searching for the fountain of youth that will keep us alive almost indefinitely. We're not there yet but science has unlocked many of the secrets to slowing down the progression of aging and nutrition is one of the keys to a long and healthy life. What they've determined is that nature has supplied us with an almost unlimited pharmacy of naturally occurring compounds that work together like a team to dramatically improve our quality of life. The list of potential life extending nutrients is now into the thousands and the opinion is that they've only begun to scratch the surface.
And these compounds are found in almost every conceivable life form, both plant and animal, on every continent and even in the oceans: Plants from the rainforests of South America, Asia and Africa; plankton from the seas and algae that grow in ponds; insects, frogs and amphibians from around the world. Even things like mold, bacteria and viruses can contribute to our longevity.

Stop The Presses!
These recent discoveries has been shown to have the potential to extend your life well beyond the century mark and are changing the way the established medical community approaches anti-aging methods. There's no such thing as a "magic elixir" or "fountain of youth" but there is good, sound medical science that's discovered 6 key nutrients that when combined form what's proving to be the most potent revolution in anti-aging ever. I know this sounds too good to be true - like some kind of "new age quackery", but the benefits of this science are found in research from respected medical facilities like Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Yale University, Salk Institute, Johns Hopkins University , the National Institute of Aging , the National Cancer Institute and dozens of other respected institutions around the world. And this research has been so ground breaking in its scope that it's been featured on 60 Minutes, 20/20, Barbara Walters, Oprah, Dr. Oz, CBS News, NBC News, FOX News, ABC News, CNN, not to mention Time, Newsweek, the New York Times and hundreds of other print and electronic media.
Imagine Adding 20, 30, 40 Even 50 Years To Your Life
This led to a radical new outlook on aging: If we weren't programmed to die, if we were killed by wear and tear, then maybe, just maybe, we could be fixed. And if our bodies are fixable, if the cellular wear and tear can be stopped or repaired once than there's no reason the process can't be repeated. Like having your car serviced, it could help us live much longer.
If you're lucky enough to get those extra years you'll want them to be healthy ones where you jump out of bed every morning overflowing with energy and vitality. There's now a simple way for you to "stop the clock" on aging, reversing a lifetime of poor health choices and adding not just years, but decades of quality to your life.

Ultimate Anti-Aging Ingredient # 1- Resveratrol
By now you've probably heard of the astonishing long term benefits of resveratrol a naturally occurring component of red wine and other fruits. Even the conventional medical community is jumping on the bandwagon and touting resveratrols anti-oxidant ability to help you lead a longer and healthier life.
You may have thought that an anti-aging pill would only be available years in the future. But the effects of
resveratrol have been proven as scientific fact today. Discovered in 2006 at Harvard and later confirmed by scientists at the National Institutes of Aging, Johns Hopkins University and several other institutions, researchers found that resveratrol extended life span by triggering the production of an enzyme that switches on genetic pathways that lower blood pressure, enhance fat metabolism, stabilize blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity so that your body acts like a younger, leaner, fitter and stronger you.
Beyond Resveratrol
By now you've probably seen quite a few ads for resveratrol supplements. They're featured in almost every magazine and newspaper. You probably get several advertisements in the mail every week. And with good reason - it's a major breakthrough that yields astounding results for your overall health and quality of life. But you shouldn't be satisfied with the latest fad no matter how good it is. As I said before, there is no magic elixir and that includes resveratrol . Most resveratrol supplements will get you some results but they may fail you when you need them most.
Good Science Demands More - And So Should You
Everyday modern medicine discovers new ways to prolong your life. But simply not dying is only the first step. What's the point of a longer life if you're not going to live better? That's where the researchers at Hampshire Labs come in. They've found 5 other compounds that not only work in concert with resveratrol , but actually enhances its effectiveness. This formula will give you the opportunity to not just add years to your life, but years and even decades of enjoyment by flooding your system with powerful anti-oxidants giving an extra boost to your brain, energy levels and immune system.
Ultimate Anti-Aging Ingredient # 2 - Phosphatidylserine (PS)
Phosphatidylserine (fos-fa-tidal-serine) or PS for short is found in every cell in your body but is most highly concentrated in the walls (membranes) of brain cells making up about 70% of its nerve tissue mass. There it aids in the storage, release, and activity of many vital neurotransmitters and their receptors aiding in cell-to-cell communication. Among its list of functions, PS stimulates the release of dopamine (a mood regulator that also controls physical sensations and movement), increases the production of acetylcholine (necessary for learning and memory), enhances brain glucose metabolism (the fuel used for brain activity), reduces cortisol levels (a stress hormone), and boosts the activity of nerve growth factor (NGF), which oversees the health of cholinergic neurons.
Research shows that dietary supplementation with PS can slow and even reverse the decline of learning, mood, memory, concentration, and word recall related to dementia or age-related cognitive impairment in middle-aged and elderly subjects. In 14 double-blind clinical trials, PS helped improve all degrees of cognitive function in subjects 50 and older. In one US trial on subjects with age-related cognitive decline (ARCD), PS reversed the decline of name-face recognition from a base average of 64 years all the way down to a base average of 52 years. As the researchers noted, it's as if they had rolled back the clock of cognitive biological age by 12 years! It's so effective that PS is approved as a drug to treat age ARCD (age related cognitive decline) in Europe.
The studies indicate that supplementing with PS can not only help you boost your memory, concentration, reasoning and problem solving skills but improve your mood and reduce stress levels as well. In separate studies at the
University of Milan , the University of Naples in Italy and the University of Wales in England, PS increased the turnover of the "good" brain chemicals noradrenaline, dopamine, acetylcholine and glucose reserves while blunting the responses to harmful stress hormones such as adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) and cortisol.
Ultimate Anti-Aging Ingredient # 3 - Co-Enzyme Q-10
CoQ10 is contained in the mitochodria of your cells where it helps transform fats and sugars into energy. Vital to cardiovascular health CoQ10 concentrations are 10 times higher in the heart than in any other part of the body. Both U.S. and European studies have clearly demonstrated a correlation between CoQ10 levels and heart health. It is an approved and recognized therapeutic agent for heart problems widely used in Asia and Europe.
Nobel Prize winning Dr. Linus Spaulding believed that adding CoQ10 to your daily diet will increase energy production, normalize blood pressure and improve longevity. Even the Mayo Clinic has reported that CoQ10 has been shown to reduce blood pressure.
And there's more. A double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial in people with age-related macular degeneration, a common cause of vision loss in adults, indicated that those who supplemented with
CoQ10 significantly improved their vision.
Ultimate Anti-Aging Ingredient # 4 - DHEA
The most abundant hormone found in the bloodstream, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is produced by the adrenal glands, which sit atop the kidneys. Known to have anti-aging properties, DHEA is produced abundantly during youth, with production peaking around age twenty-five. After this production wanes and by the age of eighty, people are thought to have only 10 to 20 % of the DHEA they had at twenty.
Research has shown that
DHEA has many functions in the body pertaining to health and longevity. Among other things, it helps to generate the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone; increases the percentage of muscle mass; decreases the percentage of body fat; and stimulates bone deposition helping to prevent osteoporosis. As the production of DHEA declines with age, the structures and systems of the body appear to decline with it. This leaves the body vulnerable to various cancers, including cancer of the breast, prostate, and bladder, as well as to atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, nerve degeneration, and other age-related conditions.
Research suggests that
DHEA replacement therapy can have a number of highly beneficial effects. In a 1986 study based on twelve years of research involving 242 middle-aged and elderly men, small doses of DHEA appeared to be linked with a 48% reduction in death from heart disease, and a 36% reduction in death from other causes. In a twenty-eight day study, DHEA therapy enabled men to lose 31% of mean body fat without changing body weight. DHEA is thought to have caused this loss of fat by blocking an enzyme that is known to produce fat tissue and promote cancer cell growth. In another study, middle-aged and elderly men taking DHEA for one year experienced a markedly greater sense of well-being, including a better ability to cope with stress, increased mobility, decreased pain, and higher quality sleep. Research also indicates that DHEA supplements can help prevent cancer, arterial disease, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer's disease; treat lupus and osteoporosis; enhance the activity of the immune system; and improve memory. Laboratory studies in animals have indicated that DHEA can increase lifespan by as much as 50 percent.
DHEA serves as an essential building block to several hormones including testosterone. When DHEA levels drop, so does testosterone. "But Tom, I'm a woman, what does that have to do with me?" Well, it may surprise you to learn that men don't have a monopoly on testosterone. In women, testosterone is produced by the ovaries and the adrenal glands. After menopause, a drop in testosterone has the same effect on women that it does on men; abdominal weight gain, fatigue, decreased libido, pain, heart problems, decreased muscle mass and bone density and an increased risk of diabetes and cancer.
It's no accident that youth is associated with high levels of hormones. Produced throughout the body, sex hormones are critical to maintaining vibrancy and good health. In recent decades, scientists have begun to understand the powerful benefits of replacing hormones lost to aging. However, there are serious questions about the safety of conventional hormone replacement therapy which rely on hormones that are synthesized from animals (Premarin ®) or created in a lab (Provera ®). Most recently, the widespread prescribing of these two hormones among menopausal women has come under scientific scrutiny because of the increased risk of stroke and heart attack. And the long term effects of steriod use among athletes is widely known.
As an alternative, because of their wide-ranging benefits on everything from the cardiovascular system to the aging brain and bones, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may be one of the best things aging people can do for themselves. What is required, however, is an approach that harnesses the wisdom of the body and relies on bioidentical hormones to replace those that decline with age.
Modern hormone replacement therapy strives to recreate the youthful balance of hormones in the body—and this is where
DHEA 's value really stands out. Because it is metabolized into other hormones, supplementing with DHEA may allow the body to choose which hormone is needed, then synthesize that hormone from the available DHEA. This may account for the astonishing range of benefits that many researchers attribute to this hormone.
Ultimate Anti-Aging Ingredient # 5 - Ginkgo Biloba
Referred to as "the brain nutrient" over 40 clinical studies have reported that Ginkgo can improve the symptoms of age-related cognitive decline such as memory problems, confusion, depression, anxiety and fatigue. It's so safe and effective that it's widely used in Germany as a pharmaceutical treatment for dementia.
Ginkgo is good for the rest of your body too! It's been shown to stimulate the production of nitric oxide which helps relax blood vessels allowing better circulation. It's also know for it's anti-clotting abilities which helps reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. And it's even a powerful anti-oxident.
Ultimate Anti-Aging Ingredient # 6 - Bromelain
Could a pineapple a day keep the doctor away? Probably not, but a dose of bromelain may help. An amazing enzyme derived from pineapple, bromelain ignites the body's anti-inflammatory response to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. It quickly relieves stiffness, bruising and shortens healing time from sprains, strains, injuries, trauma and surgery. In studies, it's anti-inflammatory power has been show to equal that of Naproxen (Aleve), Piroxicam (Feldane), Ketoprofen (Oruvail) and is better tolerated by patients. For pain relief it's been shown to reduce recovery time after surgery by over 55%. But where bromelain really shines is in the treatment of inflammation where it reduced recovery time by a whopping 70%!
And if you supplement with glucosamine or MSN,
bromelain can enhance the absorption by up to 85% making them even more effective. Got pain? Try Bromelain!.
You already know how important it is to protect your health on the cellular level and the anti-oxidants in Hampshire Labs LiveMore FormulaHampshire Labs LiveMore Anti-Aging formula help you do just that. Just one dose of the LiveMore will deliver enough anti-oxidant power to disarm the destructive free radicals that are reeking havoc on your healthy cells and damaging your immune system. There's almost no end to the list of benefits you get from taking the LiveMore Formula from Hampshire Labs:

- Healthier Cell Growth
- Increased Blood Circulation
- Stronger Immune System
- Normal Cholesterol Levels
- A Healthier Heart & Cardiovascular System
- Improved Complexion and Fewer Wrinkles
- Better Brain Function and Memory
- Fewer Muscle Aches, Less Joint Pain and Decreased Inflammation
You now have all the proof you need to know how much of a difference
LiveMore can make in your life. So now you have three choices:
1 - Do nothing and watch with anger and frustration as your health, vitality, energy, sex drive, mood and other health problems continue to decline with age.
2 - Take more drugs which cost you hundreds of dollars a month and suppress your body's own natural healing ability.
3 - Take
LiveMore Formula with 6 proven Ultimate Anti-Aging Super Nutrients so you can enjoy better health and a longer life with no drugs, no surgery, no side effects and no trips to the doctor.
Don't wait decades for the big pharmaceutical companies to figure out a way to charge you a king's ransom for the same benefits you can get right now for just pennies a day.  Order your own supply of the Hampshire Labs LiveMore Formula from right away.  For more information, or to order, click HERE.

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