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Glyco-Betic Diabetic Health Formula

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Product Number 34955
Westhaven Labs Glyco Betic (In Stock)
Westhaven Labs Glyco Betic (In Stock)
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Glyco Betic from Westhaven Labs
**(Canadian Customers Note: This product ships from the United States)

Are you taking diabetes related drugs or insulin?

Have you been convinced that these are all you need to normalize blood sugar and regain your health. Then it's time you discovered a therapy thousands of years old called... "Like Heals Like" that may rejuvenate your pancreas. Let Glyco-Betic deliver a one-two punch to both stabilize your blood sugar and to also heal your pancreas.

Science reports many diabetics achieve blood sugar control and replenishment of digestive enzymes after ingesting pancreas extract.  Glyco-Betic ingredients include raw organic Pancreas and Liver glandulars.  It also contains Chromium & Biotin, Vanadium, Magnesium, Bitter Melon, Gymnema Sylvestre, Cinnamon, Zinc, Milk Thistle and Glucomannan Fiber to provide your Pancreas with the nutrients it needs.

Your pancreas serves as both an exocrine and endocrine gland. As an exocrine gland, the pancreas produces digestive enzymes that help you to breakdown proteins, carbohydrates and fats (lipids). To do this it produces the enzymes; trypsinogen, chymotrypsinogen, amylase and lipase. It also secretes sodium bicarbonate that helps to neutralize the acid chyme that is emptied by your stomach into your small intestine.

As a diabetic, you are very familiar with the endocrine function of the pancreas. The beta cells located in the Islets of Langerhans manufacture and secrete the hormone insulin in order to lower elevated blood glucose. In addition, the alpha cells of the Islets manufacture the hormone glucagon that raise blood sugar when it's too low.

With all the functions your pancreas has to perform, it needs to be nourished by much more than just four lacking amino acids. You also need the raw materials from the whole pancreas to rebuild and repair your own. You need enzymes, proteins, peptides, amino acids, DNA, natural lipids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, hormone precursors and other co-factors.

Westhaven Glyco-Betic Ingredients information

Manufacturer: Westhaven Labs
Alternate Item Number: 34056 (Previously Hampshire Labs)
Alternate Pkg Item # : 34932, 34505 (quantity 3 for 59.95) / 34504 (quantity 6 for 89.95)
Item Group: W
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