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Prostate health, and Prost-8
Posted by Thomas on 8/3/2010 to Hampshire Products Blog
This is a very important matter for us men! Maybe it's not something you like to discuss because it's "private"... Sometimes embarrassing... and threatens your manhood! But you need to be informed!

I'm talking about BPH, an enlarged prostate. Which causes, among other things:
- Frequent night-time urination
- Painful urinating
- Irregular urine flow
- Low sexual desire and performance
- Low energy

Prostate Health Fast Facts
And even if you're over 40 and not suffering now, there's a near certain chance you will be soon!  According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) virtually all men are eventually going to develop a prostate problem.  It is the number one male health risk after heart disease.  It nearly always causes urination problems.  And it's the leading cause of male sexual dysfunction.  If you leave it untreated, prostate disease can lead to serious health and psychological problems and even early death!  You can't avoid these prostate growing pains.

Each year over 400,000 men in the United States undergo prostate surgery and over a billion dollars a year is spent on prostate treatment. Surgery often results in incontinence  which could result in you having to wear diapers, suffer castration and never have sex again.

If you, a family member or friend suffer from prostate problems, or you are approaching or past age 40, please consider taking preventive action. Unfortunately, much of the information by the medical community is distorted, false science that has led to early deaths and maiming of thousands of men.
The drug companies and the FDA have hidden natural healing information known to physicians in Europe and Asia so they can sell you invasive, even dangerous therapies and drugs.  The traditional American treatment falls into three dangerous and ineffective approaches to the problem; burn it, cut it or poison it.  Radiation, surgery and drug therapy all have various incidences of side effects that should make anyone think twice about these options.  For example, according to the United States Veteran's Administration, Proscar, the leading prostate drug, may be dangerous and is no more effective than sugar pills.   And 50% - 60% of all patients receiving radiation or drug therapy for an enlarged prostate will go on to experience erectile problems.

But it doesn't have to be that way!  European men are more than 90% less likely to face surgery for prostate problems than their American counterpart.  As a matter of fact, in Europe more than 80% of all BPH cases are treated without drugs or surgery! 

So how do they do it?
The hormone DHT (Di-Hydro-Testosterone) controls the growth of the prostate by binding to the growth receptors on prostatic cells and signaling them to grow and multiply.  Therein lies the answer; reverse the hormone signal inducing growth and the prostate will naturally resume its normal function.  Shown to inhibit DHT production are natural extracts from saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, grape seed, pygeum bark and stinging nettle.  Studies have shown these botanicals to inhibit the activity of a crucial enzyme that makes DHT in your prostate.  As a matter of fact, saw palmetto has been found to be as effective as a leading prescription drug, but without the dangerous side effects. 

Even the traditionally “anti natural remedy” publication, Journal of the American Medical Association has concluded that extracts from the saw palmetto plant can improve urinary tract symptoms and flow in men with BPH.  Used in combination, these natural remedies have produced great results.

Take Action Now To Protect Your Prostate
Prost-8 Enlarged Prostate Supplement from Hampshire LabsHampshire Labs brings you Prost-8.
With Prost-8 formula embarrassing, dangerous symptoms of an enlarged prostate can be eased! No drugs. No surgery. No dangerous side effects. Taking just 2 Prost-8 formula tablets a day floods your body with 8 vital prostate nutrients. These work together to help form a barrier around your prostate.

The Secret Behind Prost-8's Success
Prost-8 Formula.  Clinical scientists at Hampshire Labs gathered the eight most powerful and effective natural male health ingredients for Prost-8 formula.  When combined, they work synergistic-ally to create a prostate formula more powerful than any one ingredient alone. 

The 8 secret weapons against benign prostate problems are:
1. Beta-Sitosterol is widely known as the best natural prostate health nutrient available.
2. Campesterol is a scientifically advanced phytosterol complex that also provides beta-sitosterol that is most effective for prostate health.
3. Stigmasterol and
4. Brassicasterol are added as steroid hormone raw materials
5. Isoflavones may hinder abnormal cell growth
6. Selenomax should be found in abundance in a male's reproductive organs.  But levels decrease with age.  Selenomax in Prost-8 formula will normalize levels.
7. Zinc Citrate is needed for hormone production and supports a healthy reproductive system, hence it is widely used to maintain normal prostate function.
8. Pumpkin Seed Oil has shown that it can reduce damage to prostate cells.  It is also used to treat an enlarged prostate.

Please consider adding Prost-8 to your supplement regimen.

Click here for more information, or to order.

To your good health,

Hampshire Products

*The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be construed as medical diagnosis, nor guaranteed to treat or cure any disease.  Consult with a doctor regarding matters of health, and prior to making any modifications to your vitamin, supplement, diet, exercise, or other lifestyle regimen.

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