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Take the "Andropause Test." (a.k.a The Man-O-Pause Test)
Posted by Tori on 7/26/2010 to Hampshire Products Blog
For years it was said that men between the ages of 35 & 55 who experienced physical and emotional changes were going through some kind of midlife crisis or male-menopause. Many were told that it was all in their head or that they'd just have to learn to live with it.

However, research now suggests that these men are experiencing something quite different.

While men don't want to admit that testosterone, the very hormone that makes them a man may be the culprit, the sobering fact is that starting at age 30 levels of this critical hormone decrease from peak levels by about 10% every ten years. At about the same time another factor called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) is increasing. SHBG traps much of the testosterone that's still circulating leaving less and less "bio-available" testosterone to perform its much needed beneficial work in the body's tissues.

Every man will experience a decline in testosterone but it's the remaining bio-available testosterone level that drops even further in some men that causes them to experience "change of life" symptoms. Termed 'Andropause' by medical experts, the symptoms can impact a man's quality of life and may expose them to other longer term risks.

Take The Andropause Test
- Have you noticed a big change in your sex drive?
- Are you having trouble concentrating or remembering things?
- Have you started adding excess weight around your waist?
- Do you have problems getting or maintaining an erection?
- Have you experienced a loss of energy or often fall asleep after dinner?
- Do you experience mood swings or bouts of depression?
Yes? --These are the six major signals of Andropause and sinking male hormone levels.
How many hit home for you?
Do The Math Testosterone levels usually peak in males between the age of 18 and 25. By age 30 these hormone levels drop an average of 10% per decade. That means that by age 50 your hormone levels could have dropped 30% and by age 70 you're tank is half empty! Many men are blasted with a reality check in their mid-forties when the erection that greeted them in the morning ceases while they lose muscle definition and start gaining inches around their waist.

Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, UCLA and others have reported on the safety and remarkable health benefits of increased testosterone in mature men. According to the U.S. Veterans Administration the Death Rate is 74% Higher in Men with Low Testosterone Levels. Current "Acceptable Levels" are outdated and way too low. You Could Be At Risk! Testosterone Level Drops 90% from Age 25 to Age 70! Every day, your loss of testosterone gradually takes away your manhood and good health. Each day it causes you to lose sexual performance, energy, mental sharpness and other health benefits you need to fee, look and perform you best.

Dr. Robert Mueller compares it to "a vacuum cleaner that gradually sucks the life right out of you." The National Institutes of Health (NIH) concludes that the average man loses 90% of his testosterone from age 25 to 90. This is not a luxury - this is a necessity! If you don't address your declining testosterone levels your age-related health problems will only continue to get worse and you can suffer from additional ailments. The Proof is Overwhelming - Research at UCLA and the University of Washington Medical School shows testosterone improves physical energy, positive mood and memory function in men.

- Doctors at Boston's University School of Medicine state "new clinical information is emerging linking testosterone deficiency to development of the pathology of metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease." They conclude, "testosterone treatment as well as lifestyle modifications can slow or halt the progression of metabolic syndrome, type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and erectile problems."

- According to doctors at Johns Hopkins University and Duke University Medical Center, "We conclude that testosterone replacement improved sexual function, mental well being, lean muscle mass and muscle strength. It also decreased fat mass in men."

- Harvard University McClean Hospital published a randomized, placebo controlled study on testosterone deficiency and depression. Conclusion: "Men receiving testosterone gel had significantly greater improvement in their mental health scores on the Hamilton Rating Scale than subjects receiving the placebo."

- In a study at the Medical Colle
ge of Virginia results showed a 42% improvement in physical rehabilitation in older men as measured by grip strength and FIM scores.

- Alzheimer researcher, Dr. Ralph Martins found that low testosterone levels led to harmful deposits which can kill brain cells in large quantities.

- In what should have been front page news, an 8 year study by the Veterans Administration showed a death rate 74% higher in men who had low testosterone levels. In a study done at the Geriatric Research Center in Seattle, Washington and published in the Archive of Internal Medicine, just under 35% of the men in the study with low testosterone levels died! That's more than 1/3 of the participants! Live Longer!

Thanks to the researchers at Hampshire Labs for developing Tosterall.  Tosterall was designed with the intention of turning back the clock to a more youthful time when your testosterone levels were enough to keep your body feeling healthy and vital.

Hampshire Labs has done the research and discovered eight Doctor recommended, 100% natural supplements designed to turn on your body's testosterone production and increase levels in your body, naturally, safely, with NO prescriptions, NO doctors visits, NO expensive gels, NO injections and NO side effects.

Tosterall ingredients at a glance:
1.DHEA - (dehydroepiandrosterone) has been called the "fountain of youth" hormone because, just like testosterone, you have a huge amount of it when you are young and then it declines substantially as you age. Understood as a pro-hormone for the sex-steroids, DHEA is a precursor which your body naturally converts to testosterone.
2. L-ARGININE - is an amino acid that promotes increased blood flow leading to better erections and decreased body fat.
3. MUIRA PUAMA - is an herb from deep in the rainforests of Brazil. Shown to improve libido and erectile function, in one study, 62% of patients reported a dynamic improvement after only 2 weeks.
4. TRIBULUS TERRISTRIS is and herb used for centuries in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. This testosterone releaser increases energy in men promoting a stronger libido while increasing muscle mass and stamina.
5. KOREAN GINSENG is also known as the "man root" contains ginsenosidees which help the body deal with stress. It has been used in Chinese medicine to calm the mind, improve digestion, add energy and endurance as a re-energizing tonic for men.
6. ZINC is an essential mineral found in every cell of your body and is an essential building block of testosterone.
7. GINKO BILOBA is an herb used extensively in Europe for over 1000 years to energize the body, optimize mental sharpness, improve memory, boost sexual performance as well as alleviate vision, hearing and respiratory problems.
8. MUCANA PRURIENS has been proven to enhance production of both testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) enhancing sexual performance and strengthening the immune system.

You Have 3 Choices:
1.Do nothing and watch with anger and frustration as you health, sexual power, energy, mood and other health markers continue to decline as you age.
2.Take prescription synthetic testosterone which can cost $220.00 a month and is usually not covered by insurance. Furthermore, it suppresses your body's natural ability to produce testosterone.
3.Take all-natural TosterALL with 8 proven testosterone boosters so you can get all the benefits of increased testosterone without the high cost, without any doctors visits and without the dangerous counter-productive side effects. These 8 ingredients are now available in one easy to swallow daily supplement.
TosterALL is from Hampshire Labs, a company over 500,000 Americans have come to trust for their natural supplement needs since 1986.
Take Your Time Your testosterone levels didn't drop overnight, they slowly declined over years and decades. The good news is that you may be able to turn things around. But TosterALL is not a drug - it won't work over night and it won't mask your symptoms while leaving the underlying cause unaddressed. Instead, TosterALL works with your body and that takes time.
What You Can Expect - - In the first 30 - 60 days you should notice that your rate of decline has either slowed dramatically or stopped completely. Some people have noted an improvement during this period but it's not very common.
- At 60 to 90 days you should start to notice some change in your condition. More energy, increased sex drive and performance, a better mental outlook, even some weight loss.
- After 90 days and beyond is when you should start to notice a marked improvement, such as: You feel younger, you've got more vigor and vitality. You're erections are bigger, firmer and longer lasting. Your skin has taken on a more youthful glow. Your everyday quality of life is what it was 5, 10 or even 20 years ago.

Obviously, TosterALL isn't going to magically change your life overnight.  Your levels decreased over time.  Your body needs time to repair itself.
TosterALL is available at a price you can afford - less than a dollar a day!  For more information, or to order, click here.

To Your Good Health,

Hampshire Health Products

***The contents of this article are for informational purposes only.
The contents are not intended to diagnose, nor guaranteed to treat or cure any medical condition.
Always consult a physician regarding matters of health, and prior to making any changes to your diet, exercise, vitamin / supplement use, or any other lifestyle change.

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